Hi, I’m Keira Grant! Artist, model, woman. Frequently found nude, at the gym or with a paintbrush or camera in hand. 

For over 6 years I lived on the road with no home, perpetually traveling to work with photographers around the globe after finishing a master's degree in music. A few years ago I spent a year backpacking alone through South America, meeting locals, learning Spanish and experiencing a mix of other cultures and ways of life. I picked up a camera a while back as a model and dabbled in self-portraiture and photographing my model friends, but my focus was always as the model and muse, and on experience rather than my photography.

Living on the road was incredible, but eventually would drive most people crazy, so I moved to divide my time between modeling for other artists and creating my own art. Only now that I have days where I am not worried about where I will next sleep, can I fully focus more on photography from the side of the photographer, and as self-portrait artist. I relish my time on the road, and continue to travel half the year, but when home I have a camera on a tripod pointed at my own body and soul, or a canvas on an easel gradually being covered with paint.

I have always planned to live the life of an artist and as my patrons, you are helping my artist self thrive. 

In exchange for your gracious support of my art, I invite you into my world of photography and paintings. My artist's mind is filled with images and words. Here I will share the art I create as a photographer and painter; all of my self-portraits, videos from my shooting process, my paintings, photos of other models I have the fortune to photograph, thoughts to accompany my images, and the occasional imagery from my daily life.

I cannot thank you enough for your support! And may the world shower upon you a hearty dose of happy!